Anhi Tran

Anhi Tran is a multidisciplinary visual artist and digital illustrator originally from Saigon, Vietnam. Their work explores the intersections of humanistic studies and the arts, oftentimes appealing to anecdotes and illusory symbols to capture liminality in the human experience. In utilizing elements of media-based storytelling and user-centered design, their practice strives to cultivate spaces for both collective and personal engagement towards themes of identity and subjective realities.

Exhibition Design Award Recipient 2021

Bitter Melon Soup For the Soul

Anhi Tran

Digital Collage based off of Frida Kahlo's "What the Waters Gave Me" (1938)

16 x 20 in


Anhi Tran

Earthenware, Cone 04 Oxidation

7.5 x 7.5 x 10.5 in

CNC Stool/Laptop Stand

Anhi Tran

Birch Plywood

19 x 12 x 34 in

Trace - a compilation of poetry

Anhi Tran

Artist Book (30 pages)

9 x 10 in

Light Installation

Anhi Tran

Millboard, LED Light Strip, Tag Paper

12 x 12 x 14 in

Nighttime Tune

Anhi Tran

Drypoint Etching

10 x 10 in