Sachi Muyot

Growing up, I spent my formative years moving between countries. Now in my early adulthood, I am finding my place as a first-generation immigrant, living as an uninvited guest on unceded Coast Salish territories. These experiences inform my interests in cultural identity and belonging and are threaded in my work in collage, printmaking, and sculpture. These mediums allow me to explore and document the everyday, while investigating the surreal and mundane aspects of displacement and longing.


Sachi Muyot


22 x 15 in

Taga Saan Ka? (Where Are You From?)

Sachi Muyot

Digital Collage

Supply and Demand

Sachi Muyot

Hydrostone, Acrylic Paint

18 x 12 x 12 in

I am not the same, I am growing up again

Sachi Muyot

Serigraphy and Spray Paint

48 x 48 in


Sachi Muyot

Hydrostone, Found Objects, Cardboard Box, Packing Tape

21.5 x 22 x 22 in