Seamus O'Donnell

Architecture has always been a theme throughout my works. I like to discuss how the passage of time affects these monolithic creations we leave on this planet. Time will always break down what we create and that is no different for even the largest of structures. Using three-dimensional modelling, sculpting, mold making and screen printing, I explore these themes from a design and art perspective.


Seamus O'Donnell

Concrete, Plaster

15 x 27 x 32 in

Repetition Arch Chair

Seamus O'Donnell

Plywood, Pvc Pipe, Threaded Rods, Nuts

16 x 17 x 18 in


Seamus O'Donnell


22 x 15 in each

Interior / Exterior

Seamus O'Donnell

Serigraphy on Plexiglass

7 x 29 x 18 in


Seamus O'Donnell

Plaster, Steel, Paint, Wire

22 x 20 x 15 in

Concrete Bells

Seamus O'Donnell

Concrete, Rebar, Aircraft Cable, Fishing Hook

45 x 15 x 15 in