Tamsyn Kushner

Tamsyn is a Chinese-Canadian art student born and raised in Vancouver, on the unceded lands of the Coast Salish peoples. She currently creates graphic pieces using pen, marker, printmaking and digital programs. Her works are heavily inspired by music, youth subcultures and a sentimental nostalgia for anything mid-century. Tamsyn began her studies in the Langara Fine Arts program in 2018, and is planning to move to Northern England in late 2021 to further pursue her artistic career.

Add Some Music To Your Day

Tamsyn Kushner

Serigraphy on Vinyl Album Covers

36 x 60 in


Tamsyn Kushner


11 x 7 in

Too Hot

Tamsyn Kushner

Pen on Paper

19 x 13 in

Could You Love Me?

Tamsyn Kushner

Digital Drawing

6 x 8 in